Monday, April 6, 2015

post vi : socialization

Few weeks ago, we have learned that everyone is being influenced in every way and every day. From small to big things, everything we do is based of how we were raised and how people around us are. Recently, we came across the "Agents of Socialization". It is where people get and learn values and know what to do and it is where how they think came from. It was divided from family, friends, school and more.

The foundation of everyone would be family. Without a doubt, families shape people. From what to wear, how to act, what to eat and more is when the influence starts. I definitely agree with this because I am an example of it. At such a young age, I was taught on what and what not to wear. I was taught how to act at certain places. I ended up liking things that they liked. I ended up eating things they usually eat. And now, I still find myself doing things they usually do. I still eat things they feed me. I still have the values they taught me growing up.

Another saying that stuck was "tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are". All my life, I was taught to pick my friends. To not be with druggies or people who drink alcohol or one will lead to the wrong path. Growing up, I never believed in peer pressure. I never felt pressured to do anything because whatever it is, I wanted to do it anyways. I became the one that made people do things, it was not bad or anything. It actually turned out for the good. The friends that I have are friends for we can somehow connect to one another. We like the same things and often hate the same things. If a person surrounds itself with good people, eventually that person will be influenced and be good as well or do less bad things. The influencing is really strong specially in friendship.

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