Wednesday, March 18, 2015

post v : american culture

I moved here four years ago. It was all too weird for me. From the weather to the food to the people. It was a weird surrounding to be in, it was really clean and there was no pollution. I moved to Stevenson High School on my freshman year. On that year, I was constantly taking notes on how different I am and how different this place is compared to where I came from. I noticed that people does not really get attached with people. They get to know the basic things about people. It reminded me of the movie "Tuesdays with Morrie". Mitch is one of the characters, he basically represents a bunch of Americans. He is in a way of getting attached to people and is therefore a little scared of receiving and giving love. He took his girlfriend for granted for such a long time. Never made time for her. Maybe it is the fear of getting hurt is what hinders a lot of people of giving love. They  fear that their effort is wasted. I remember it took me a long time to get closer to anyone for they have some trust issues and most of the time they think that I am not interested in getting to know them. Americans has this belief that they do not deserved to be loved. They think so lowly of themselves and that made them assume that they are not worthy or receiving anything. A quote from the movie is stuck in my mind, "We must love one another or die". People in America are scared to open up to people. They are scared that they will not be wanted because they are not what other people expected them to be. Mitch from the movie took people that loved him for granted for he kept thinking that he did not deserve the love that he got. When I realized here is that Americans are not much of a fan of relationships. America is such a liberated county. People believes in hook ups and the no strings attached type of relationship. Back in the Philippines, everyone would wait a couple of months to be together. The guy has to court a girl for some time. In here, everything is rushed. Everything is not about getting a connection but more of what they can get from the relationship. Some people are lucky enough to find people worthy of them. Some of my friends are also good people. Thing is, they do not truly love another. They always judge and criticize and that is not what love is. This country is full of people who values love but they do not treat it as a necessity.


  1. I love that quote too! Good insight and connection of the material to your own life

  2. I love your personal example of how different two cultures can be. I also like how you connected it to the movie. Can you also try to use vocabulary and concepts from the class, so that I know you are making specific connections? In this case, you might want to talk about "values", "norms" and even the specific values from the readong by Kohl: individualism, materialism, independence.