Wednesday, May 13, 2015

post xviii: social class

One of the things I noticed here in Stevenson are that my classmates and schoolmates wears a lot of branded stuff. The list I came up with was consisted of: north face, uggs, hunters, michael korrs, nike,  lululemon, iPhones and so much more. Those brands aren't expensive and most of all, students are not able to afford. And that gave me a realization that the parents of my school mates are rich that they can afford such brands. Most of the students at least has 3 of the brands listed above. In sociology class, we saw statistics and living in Buffalo Grove, Long Grove and Linconshire gives an impression that the parents earn higher than the average Americans. I have lived in the Philippines and a typical person can survive there with $1 for at least 2 days. Moving here, I felt really privileged. I felt like I became part of the average class or above average. I got to experience things I never did. I can afford branded clothes and eat at nice restaurants and it helped me adjust better in living in a community with a bunch of rich people. Back then, I never really appreciated the things I had. I realized that I am actually more privileged and it changed my perspective with everything. In the Philippines, I did not have my own bed and bathroom and other things that I take for granted. And now, it just made me feel grateful. At the same time, being surrounded with more privileged people makes it feel like what I have is not enough but we read the article "Nickel and Dimed" and it made me think that people have it worse. The people at school are richer and more privileged compared to the rest of Americans. It is possible and inevitable to be jealous of the things that is never achievable for some Americans. Even though some people are in poverty, the government (in my opinion) is doing a great job on helping people. The government can only help for a little, it is up to the person to actually take advantage of it. In the video "The Line", the government has provided them money for the month's expense and it seems to be not enough. It is understandable, but people just has to be thankful and appreciate because in other country, if a person is homeless the government does not really do anything with it. They seem to not bother with them, to be exact.

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  1. Great post. Careful though - you said branded clothes aren't "expensive", but I think you meant " aren't cheap". But anway, great insight. I love that you are able to see how the branded clothes are a representation of class. Why would anyone wear a label on their clothes? What is the symbolic meaning? It shows class. You are fortunate to have your experience in both cultures as it will help you see our culture with greater clarity. Hold on to that as you grow and experience more.