Thursday, January 22, 2015


I am going to introduce myself as B. As much as I'd like to talk about myself, this blog is all about my views and thoughts about things. It may contradict with yours, it may agree with yours. If there is one thing that would define me, it would be my experiences. As cliché as it sounds, I am who I am because of my experiences. Here's a little a little blast from my past.. I was born in a different country, lived there for 14 years, and fluent in 3 languages... Safe to say, I am not from here. Living a life in a third world country is quite interesting since I did not know much about living it the other way. I am from Philippines. I lived in one of the place with the happiest and caring people. I lived in  
a very religious place and was raised by religious families so my views about things would have a hint of my religious belief. Although, after I moved some of my moral were changed. I learned to adapt and learn stuff on my own. In short, I am who I am because of my experiences in the Philippines. It made me tough and somewhat fearless but also appreciative and grateful

ღ       ღ       ღ     ღ

As of right now, I don't have any influence in my life. As bad as it sounds, I have been trying to do my own thing and not let anyone affect my decisions and such. Although I lack influence, I am overflowing with inspiration. Some of my inspirations are my family and my best friend. 

ღ      ღ    ღ      ღ

My goal in life is to be happy. And also have a decent job and an adventurous life. As of right now, my purpose is still a bit blurry and is still unknown. But I cannot wait to know what is in store for me.


  1. What an inspiring back-story! Very true that a person is in many ways the sum of their experiences. I'm excited to learn about your future experiences as well.

  2. That was very cool to talk about your life before coming to America, I hope to hear more stories about your life in the Philippines

  3. Hi B! Nice to meet you! I like how you already realize that you are who you are because of your experiences - you are using a sociological imagination! When you say that you don't have any influences, I think you are not acknowledging that those experiences are influences and so is your family and religion. I think you are already thinking with a sociological imagination and you wrote that before we even learned that concept today!